Moonnithi Pracha Ruamchai Public Charitable Organization (PEOPLE UNITY FOUNDATION)



1. To provide support to a hospital, a school, a religion, a sport and other charitable organizations. 
2. To support an educational activity and sponsor an education fund to a student and an undergraduate who lack of resource. 
3. To support a miserable and a helpless individual or a victim of public hazard. 
4. To support a cremation service to an abandoned corpse that is not supported by any individual or organization. 
5. To cooperate with other charitable organizations or government agencies for public benefit. 
6. To provide assistance, support by mean of a money reward or a thing or writing recognition, to an individual or a group of person in any nationality who assist or support this Foundation or to an individual or a group of person or to any other society. 
7. This Foundation does not participate in any political activity.



"Moonnithi Pracha Ruamchai belongs to the people of every race and every religion"


"Every life is precious. We wish them safety."

Food for Thought

In Hundred, only One Brave

In Thousand, only One Best

In Hundred of Thousand, only One Impromptu Rhetoric

But it is so difficult to find one who sacrifices from the above mentioned